A proto-finnish word, Valtta means power and authority. We endeavour to dress you worthy of your dreams, and in Valtta, we found the perfect ratio of brave and vibrant.

KAYB took strides, so that VALTTA could empower. Valtta endeavours to unearth the onyx of everyday magnificence by curating a heady blend of classics and modern designs on luxury fabrics. An alliance between the effortless 21st Century flair and the grandeur of Victorian poise, Valtta weaves vogue on the tapestry of comfort.

The ever-evolving fragments of the world serve as Valtta’s muse, as it reinvents timeless silhouettes in contemporary moulds. Committed to creating relevant, off the peg wardrobe staples, Valtta’s versatile collection acts as a mirror to the wearer, exuding power and elegance.

Be Valtta. Be YOU.

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